Emulsified Sugar Scrubs

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Emulsified Sugar Scrub is a silky luxurious emulsion of nourishing oils and waxes.  This emulsion goes on like a body mask, giving you time to exfoliate and soak up the goodness. Since they are emulsified, once you rinse them off they act as a lotion. So one less step once you get out of the shower! Psst..try shaving your legs with them. Trust me it helps so much!

This scrub has a creamy consistency without any messy excess oil floating to the top. No need to shake or stir prior to use!

DIRECTIONS: Take a small amount of scrub and massage into your skin. A little goes a long way/ Rinse, pat dry, and enjoy your new glow!

*Please use caution as these may make the tub slippery due to the butters that are used in making them*