About us

My parents took me to East Texas to go visit my grandmother.  On the way, I was itching like crazy and my mom promised to buy some cream when we had made it to grandma's house. Once we arrived and I was still itching I showed my grandmother the problem.  She made my parents use oatmeal soap on me. (Grandmothers are the best, right?)  It worked and the itching stopped and eventually the rash went away.  I thought she was a miracle worker and oatmeal soap can cure rashes.  This sparked an interest that I didn't fully discover until I was much older.   

Later on, I was diagnosed with Lupus and began having more rashes.  After trying many products that I had bought nothing seemed to work.  I wished I had some of my grandmother's oatmeal soap.  So, I began researching natural ingredients and the skin benefits each offered.  I decided to experiment on myself and decided I would make oatmeal soap.

After countless trial and error batches and testing on myself and my family, I came up with a recipe that works great.  I'm saying that now but I also like to experiment with all kinds of ingredients.  I study and research as much as I can about oils, herbs and essential oils.  If you have something specific contact me and let's talk about it.

Our soap is about 99 percent natural. If fragrance oils are added it isn't completely 100 percent.  I can say all the fragrances are paraben, sulfate and phthalates free.

All our soaps are handmade in small batches with high quality ingredients.  We offer a variety of handmade soaps such as vegan, non vegan, scented and unscented. I like to experiment with colors, fragrances and different molds so no two bars will be exactly the same.  The inventory is always changing so check back often.

 My Grandmother Pearl